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Welcome to International animal rescue and animal Sanctuary!!

We are International Animal Sanctuary where we offer orphanage animals home and we offering them safety we mostly working with lions, Cheetah, Bears, Wolves, tigers and other animals where we save them from abuse and from people who wants to hurt them.
Currently hunters killing tigers killing lions for their furr and for their bones Lions bones are very valued on the market and we trying to protect lions so that future generations will be able to watch this magnificent animals.
By your contributions and your support you will allow us to step forward and offer more animals in need support and homes.
We do believe each animal has the right to have a better life to have relaxed future and to be happy till the end.
Most animals we get from other orphanages and other sanctuaries some we get from breeders and some we get from the wild.32160056_1534323969467161_r.jpegCould you allow this 2 cubs to get killed??
We get all sorts of animals to our side for details on animals or if you like to sponsor a specific animal contact us you can now contribute $5 $20 or $200 per month.
We rescued also polar bear cub from laboratory where they used him for experiments 32160056_1534324118200071_r.jpegWe try to rescue also black bear from Alaska from hunters killing that bear memorial to that bear cub as they on end decided to shoot him for food32160056_1534324195844284_r.jpegHow do look our animals now our lions for example older ones are happy and safe32160056_1534324255485578_r.jpegWe also save wolves where they come out of horrible situations could you kill this cubs??32160056_1534324341741910_r.jpegIn Russia this wolves they get killed on every day basis cubs like this die within 2 weeks time without food and without their parents.
But you can stop all this by supporting us on long journey to protect animals.
We rescued Brown bear from owner who keep the bear in cage 24/7 every day cage as you will see had a concret floor so bear had no way feeling grass for 20 years this bear only feelt was concrete 32160056_1534324497315984_r.jpegDont allow this magnificent animals to die on your watch join us on fight against animal cruelty help us to protect this animals so that we can give them better life together.Stop zoos and stop public performances with this animals also animals has the right to live in happiness not in pain.

Join us by signing our petition for government help us to reach a goal with government you can visit our petition page on this link: and be one of the heros who signs the petition to protect animals from around the world.

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We are International Animal Rescue and animal Sanctuary working with dangerous animals and also preventing extinction of dangerous animals as well as domestic animals if you love animals join us on fights against animal cruelty on here

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