Rescue Center

Welcome to our rescue Center and Sanctuary if you come...

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Our Sanctuary

Welcome to our sanctuary!! Kindly note if you lost your...

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Our Volunteers

If you like Animals and you are looking for something...

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Animal Rescue and Animal ZOO

Welcome to Animal Rescue and animal ZOO!! We are international...

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Our Sanctuary

Welcome to our sanctuary!!

Kindly note if you lost your pet or if animal from airport was brought to us for seeing your animal you have to sign a declaration paperwork with us before you can see or get animal back.

We have strict rules on captivity of animals.

If you found animal outside on street or if animal is in poor conditions please contact our team on emergency number +38669617351 or +38668619050 available 24/7 every day!!

If you see animal in distress with your neighbour contact us immediately our agents will be out on field immediately!

Please all note if we find animal cruelty or if our agents sees animal cruelty coming as a organization we will criminally charge the accused person.

That person will have 2 options either give us volunteerly animal or we will take animal away with police.

All sanctions and all prosecutions are done by section 12 of criminal law.

For detailes about your rights contact our agents today!!

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About our Organization

Welcome to Love of Lions Project!!

Welcome and thank you for your visit today to our website we are Animal Rescue Center and Animal Sanctuary our International mission is to safe animals and to protect animals in need.

Our main animals we rescue are dangerous animals we do some Domestic animals but mostly we do that in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Italy, Hungary, Austria or Germany.

If you live in those regions then you can call our rescue center close to you and they will be happy to assist you in any way.

If you are from Non EU countries under Contact us you can find details on how to reach your local rescue center there. If you like to volunteer with us or if you like to become our partner then please email all your concerns to our head office on , or if you looking to volunteer than you can email to our volunteers manager on kindly note our lines are open at all times available 24/7 every day.

our Story:

For past 15 years our organization is helping abandoned animals within UK Ireland our mission now is to become globaly known organization where we can support even more animals and offer even more animals help.

We opening our new offices our new rescue centers and our new sanctuaries all around the world if you are in any country we would like to hear from you maybe you can assist us with finding properties around the world.

Our international mission is to stop lion killings for profit and to protect dangerous animals while we can still work with them if you like to donate for our mission or if you desire to support any of our animals you can do that by our paypal link and you can monitor your adopted animal activities.

We invite anyone to join us as a volunteer or as a external supporter for the animals.

For details of what we are who we are you can read through our new website and explore our mission with us!!

Welcome all supporters and all who love to help us on a fight to rescue Lions in Africa

Join us In our Forum where you can share all your experiences you had with animals in past years tell your stories or just enjoy chatting with our members.


How can I help you today please??
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