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Hello and welcome Supporters!!

If you received one of our flyers either in your mailbox or in shopping mall then thank you for considering our charity organization.

In this page we would like to introduce ourself to you show you offers where as a company you can also advertise with us we would like to give you bit details for you to consider. As you probably already know by now from our girls conversation we are a charity organization from London UK our organization is working on saving and protecting animals from all around the world any donations any support through live view or online view we use that money to help animals.

Currently in South Africa about 25 miles out of Johannesbourgh there is a slaughter house they kill daily 2000 lions for their bones when they get those bones they sale them 1 kg of lions bones cost $100,000 our organization is trying to stop that but without public support our hands are tight for that.

By you supporting us or advertising with us your money will go in fighting with those slaughter houses in South Africa dont allow another lione to die on your watch today give out your voice and help us to stop lion killings.

For full communications about advertisements or if you have a company that needs support you can call our international brokerage organization Love of Lions Brokerage where you can talk to our agents there on +38669617351 or +38669619050

Any questions or any details you are very welcome to call us at any time.

We are open 24/7 every day


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