Animal Rescue and Animal ZOO

Welcome to Animal Rescue and animal ZOO!!

We are international animal Rescue team where we deal with animals if you are a either breeder or a ZOO then you chould contact us immediately to do business with us.

We Rescue and support any animals around the world our main priority of rescue currently is South Korea where they burning and torturing animals alive if you wish to help us on getting those animals out of there then please contact us at any time through whatsapp numbers available 24/7 every day: +38669617351 +447831267636 or +393319972313 please note for fastest respond kindly send with your query photos and videos of animals to be rescued.

Please note for us to be able to get or take animal from you your side has to apply for CITIES means no CITIES no business.

Any other questions please contact us and ask us at any time!!


How can I help you today please??
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