Become a donor

So you like to become our Donour??

Great it is very easy to do if you have some cars,vans, or furniture or any staff from your previous pets that you dont need any more you can donate that to us at any time call our team and they will come to collect it from you.

Items we can accept:

Furniture, Pets Supply, Pets food, Vehicles, Construction materials(Some are accepted), Vans, Trucks, Computers, Offices or real estates, any other goods.

When donating our volunteer with give you to sign a donation agreement where you simply put in your details and sign it for money onations you can do that by calling our team on +38668619050 and talk to them.

For any other donations just call us and talk to us at any time

Thank you all donators in advance!!


How can I help you today please??
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