Love of Lions Coaches cooming soon

Dear Visitors and followers,

We are about to launch another fantastic opportunity for all that like to support us or wish to use our public transport as a main transport on website there will be a fantastic reservation system on it with advance bookings and options to choose your desired destinations either you are a group or a private user our unique opportunity will allow you to book your new journey with us.

But there is more did you know all money invested or all money we gather from Love of Lions Coaches will go for helping animals around the world.

Anyone that did in past support us or anyone registered with us will have 20% discount on tickets all our coaches offer 5 star level experiences on board we offer: WIFI, Food drinks and snacks, etc.

Anyone that wish to use our services or wish to explore the world with us you more than welcome to join us and become our golden member and use even more services and follow us to see even more events and offers.

Follow us and explore our new and unique services.

All welcome to join us.

Love of Lions Coaches Team


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