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Nepal Gram


Nepal has diversified geography. Highest altitude of Nepal is the tallest mountains Everest and the lowest altitude is 50 meters from the sea level. Nepal has Daring Mountains and stunning landscape in the hills, Whereas Terai is the flat land of Nepal with acres of paddy field. Culture, tradition and people of this country is amazing, there are 33 types of god, 10 different religions, 136 caste, 132 language and 125 culture. Nepal is famous for mountain activities from 40’s, but now the trend of holiday in Nepal varied from person to person, they go for trekking, tour, ice peak climbing and many other adventure activities like Bungee, zip line, paragliding, hot balloon, cannoning, mountain biking, rock climbing and many more.  Nepalgram Adventure offers all these activities and keeps capability to operate and plan any kind of holiday plan in Nepal. We can help you contact them; feel free to write us (YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR CONTACT DETAILS IGOR).


In the season of spring climbing in Nepal is a famous adventure activities people sign up for. However, Nepalgram organize climbing in Nepal is possible al around the year. There are basically many types of climbing; normal peak climbing like Mera Peak, expedition like Everest climbing, technical peak like Lobuche peak and Rock climbing is quite famous in Nepal; Nepalgram organize all of these climbing activities.


Trekking in Nepal is one of the major activates famous among westerners. Trekking includes camping trek, guest house trek, village trek and charity treks. Guest house based trekking is very popular though charity trek in the poor country like Nepal is good for giving away. Trekking in Nepal is operated by many international companies but we suggest you go with local trekking agencies. Local agencies are cost efficient and known more for any kind of situation. Nepalgram Adventure is one of the Local agency with dedication in service and safety as their first priority.


AS Nepal has flat lands to high Himalayas, tour in Nepal varied with the interest of people. People can go for relax tour in luxury style or go local. If you want to see the towering mountains, there are tours like mountain flight, heli tours and sky treks. If you prefer travelling by land there are many destination where you can go by jeep, bus or 4 wheeler.

Nepalgram owned by the team of experienced trekking and tour guide can help you to design your holiday in Nepal perfectly. Give your interest, length of visit and matter of travel; they will get back with all the details, safe trip designers in Nepal.

Adventure Activities:

Nepal has cities famous for adventure hub, they offer activities like bungee, paragliding, rafting, kayaking, ultra flight and many other. If you are looking for adventure activities in the nature, Nepal could be a place to go for.

These activities are generally offered by all local companies, but Nepalgram specialize in combining these activities as your extension trip to Nepal.

Nepalgram Adventure are the designers of your trip to Nepal.

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